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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the virginity hit

i don't know if you have heard of a new movie coming out on september 10th called "the virginity hit."

seems quite interesting if not albeit another dumb teenage melodrama. but the premise of the story is that you have a virgin and his best friend filming his life and his exploits up until his deed...

they call it a mix of american pie and superbad...i don't know what to expect from this movie, maybe i can relate to some points but it looks to carry on in the fond tradition of making fun of us virgins. if it is indeed funny i can laugh at myself and identify myself through the main character. i look forward to it, no matter how bad it looks. =)

for more information check:

-ciao, i leave you with the movie's red band trailer



  1. Yeah, there's ads all over the subway system here in NYC that read "Still a Virgin? Call ___ ____"

  2. Wow, that does make a great movie, but he seemed a little to geeky for that girl.

  3. Hmmm am not sure if this movie will fail or not unless I have an Adult with me :)

  4. American Pie + Superbad = Good movie?
    I really hope so.

  5. Sounds like a biographical piece on myself

  6. my only issue is that if i watch this, i will probably just be mad at the characters the whole time.