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Thursday, September 30, 2010

in need of a massage...

yes that's right, my back is killing me and i am contemplating going in for a massage.
now which route should i take? a lmt (licensed massage therapist) or a shady massage with a happy ending?

i know many of you will want me to go for the massage with the happy ending but some part of me feels a bit uncomfortable with going to one of these places.
i wouldn't know what to expect at a place of that sort.

i need to weigh the pros and cons of my options.
going via a licensed massage therapist i believe i can truly have a relaxing time and enjoy myself but whose to say that i wont enjoy myself at a said (asian) massage parlor.
a licensed massage therapist may also be the costliest of the two. i have no idea, guess i need to do some research and get all the facts down before i venture out.

with that said, which should i go for?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

masturbation part deux

it seems as if i can't get enough of masturbation, could you blame me though?
it definitely sucks to have never experienced sex before, on top of that, why am i always horny? i mean at certain times i can channel my mind and concentrate on other more important things in life.

but really when i have nothing to do and sit there idly, i think of sex and masturbation, the feeling i get when i cum is sublime and nothing will top that until i feel the carnal knowledge of a woman's touch.

i have been thinking, is masturbation bad for you? can it be a harm to your health?
my answer would likely be, no.

but yeah my curiosity brought me over to google this question. i found many websites saying that there is no scientific research backing masturbation and it's adverse effects...i'd tend to agree with that.

but out there was this one website that was obviously written by some pro-abstinence church going crazy idealist. i will link you guys to the website in a short moment.
but really you have got to check this website out, what they say and claim is absolutely take a look and have a chuckle or two.


read and enjoy the bullshit they spew from their asses. ;p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wet and soggy

another day of rain, what garbage weather we are having here...

not in a very good mood today, i have so many things to do and so little time to complete all my tasks.

i need some rest and relaxation...

someone please comfort me. :[

on another note, google thought it was prudent to disable my adsense account.
i do not think i did anything wrong or caused any unusual activity to appear on my blog site, i only want to get my word out to the people.

screw you google!

Monday, September 27, 2010

an open letter to charitable organizations for certain causes....

yes it's you the hrc (human rights campaign), the environment new york group and etc.

jesus, you could stop with the spam mail and calls for pledges of donations for your causes. i have donated to your organization plenty of times and you take advantage of my kindness by asking for more and more.

i am tired of receiving calls at random/weird hours of the day and night asking for donations, will you please please stop and leave me alone?

thank you,

disgruntled contributor
nyc virgin

Friday, September 24, 2010

random thoughts...

i have noticed that i have a stretch mark in my inner thigh area...while it is not really that big or noticeable, it bothers me some.
have i gained some weight or fat? hmm maybe i am exercising too much, why is my skin not as elastic as it used to be?

ooh i saw an ad for some pizza on my blog, makes me crave some pizza now.
nothing beats new york styled pizza, am i right?

damn it getting really hot and humid out, time to turn on the a/c once again.

the san gennaro feast in little italy is coming to an end soon, i have to go and check it out. hope there are some goodies there to try out.

what a boring day, my randomness is distracting me from writing my paper...something that i should be working hard on now. but a break is welcome.

maybe a masturbation session is in order to clear my mind.

so many things to do with so little time.

damn i am hungry too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a craigslist letter...

here is a copy of a letter written to and from a male of craigslist(word for word):

Dear men of craigslist 2

This is absolutely serious and absolutely true.

Over the past year I've gotten laid three times from Craigslist. You will definitely "encounter" a lot of people you are not looking for but I found:

1. Hot asian girl who had pierced vagina. Had great sex wtih her.
2. Semi-attractive girl who really really wanted to get laid. She gagged on my cock, but she was a fair performer and I left immediately after a satisfying encounter.
3. Good looking good with large breasts who proceeded to get very drunk, but had excellent very erotic sex with.

There are plenty of horny normal girls and lots of regular horny guys on here as well.

Don't give up!

It's not a waste of time at all.

apparently this is a second of two letters, can't find the first one anywhere...but i call bullshit!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sitting, waiting, wishing... get the hell out of here!

jury duty part deux

another long day at jury duty, my name hasn't been called, but i came equipped with my laptop today. thank goodness for the free wifi.

they say that we might be able to get out early today, i am wishing that is the case.
i want this to be over with already.

anyways, life has been remarkably entertaining lately. while i am keeping myself busy i have had some time to hang out and enjoy myself.

there is a woman sitting next to me in a skin tight top and pencil skirt. from the looks of it she is in her late 20s - early 30s. she is looking quite good and has talked with me from time to time. i sure hope she isn't reading what i am typing right now. it would be quite embarrassing to have her see me as a virgin.
the laptop and the light flirtation has kept me going throughout the day, but all i want to do is go home and get some rest. i am tired.

it's pretty warm today too, what's up with the weather?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

jury duty

yep the day has come, jury duty, i cant think of a more tedious arbitrary civic duty. also please bear with me as i am typing from my mobile phone. i believe i shall try to take a nap.

more to come later...

Monday, September 20, 2010

back from short hiatus

it's monday afternoon and i finally have some time to settle down and write an entry.
i apologize to my readers for missing my entries on saturday and sunday.

well here goes, my life has been getting pretty busy lately.
school work is picking up and i have so many things on my plate that i barely have anytime to take a break and relax.
i will try to keep my daily blogs going but don't be surprised if i miss a few days here and there.

anywho, i want to continually thank all the people who support and read my blog, it is a great honor of mine to share my life with you. i hope you enjoy my stories to come and i look forward to sharing more about my life with you.

with that said, i have been thinking lately how is it that i am still a virgin.
i would have to say that i am a great catch, if i am dating anyone i am loyal, i have a decent body and i look attractive enough. maybe it's my personality?
but i would have to say that i can be one of the most caring and thoughtful people out there. who knows, maybe it is my fate to remain a virgin for a while longer...something of which i have grown accustomed to.
i really hope everyone is enjoying their september, the weather has been amazing here aside from that tornado that hit us last week on thursday.

i will leave you with a few words of wisdom by our late president FDR:
"it is common sense to take a method and try it. if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. but above all, try something."

carpe diem!

-nyc virgin

Sunday, September 19, 2010


been a busy weekend, will try to update you tomorrow, if not then absolutely on monday.

my promise!


nyc virgin

Friday, September 17, 2010


it's friday!
the weather is all beautiful after that nasty tornado that touched down last night.
what to do this weekend? it seems pretty open to me right now.

i think i shall relax it up. i am enjoying these slow cool september days.
first thing i do when i get home today, i need to masturbate and relieve myself, hard to believe but it's been a couple of days since my last wank.

hoping you all have a great start to your weekend!

i know i will ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


what makes a person promiscuous?
is it the enjoyment of having sex with multiple countless partners?

what do we call these men and women who like to sleep around? sluts, manwhores, wench, harlots, floozy, prostitutes, tramp, loose, bimbo, hussy and etc.

do you notice a common trend? all these derogatory terms are geared towards women...why is there such a double standard when it comes to women wanting to sleep around? i am sure men who sleep around get congratulated by buddies alike when they share stories of their sexual adventures.

how many of you ladies have slept around and felt too embarrassed and shy to share your stories? i know that there are such women around and if they come forth i am sure they would be welcomed with open arms amongst others who share the same plight.

i think sexual freedom has it's benefits, people can be free to sleep around with one another without the constraints of being labeled with those terms mentioned above.
of course nowadays you have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and such, but what a day it would be if we could just act on our promiscuity.

just something to think about while you go about your day.

-nyc virgin

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

slow september days...

this month has been moving incredibly slow.
all i can remember is just how fast the summer has passed by.

i suppose it is not a bad thing, we are having some very beautiful weather here in new york. temperatures in the 60s - 70s fahrenheit.
i have been trying to get out more and enjoy what new york has to offer, but after a long day at work/school i have no desire to do anything but rest back up for the next day.

what is a guy to do? what if a new york minute was reduced to a slower pace i am sure we can all benefit from that. california has the right idea going, they are chill and relaxed a majority of the time. but who am i kidding, i love this city!

nyc for life!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


alright here comes a question that may stir some conversation and debate over here:

do women prefer uncircumcised or circumcised penises?
what are the pros and cons of both?

i myself am "_____" . you will just have to ask me personally if you are interested. ;]

ladies is there a difference in sensation with either type of penis? do you notice more/less pleasure while with one or the other?
guys, do you have it cut or uncut? which would you rather have it as?

or are we all just speculating and is the saying/adage that "it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it." true?

my opinion is that the adage is true to an extent, i believe women do/would enjoy a larger sized penis although it wouldn't matter much if their partner were some sort of sex god.

anyways...just my two cents.

what are your thoughts?

Monday, September 13, 2010

rude awakening

it was a rude awakening indeed this morning, woke up with a sore back and a killer headache. these late nights are taking it's toll on my body.

i went to the mirror and it was not a pretty sight, not only did i feel like crap but i looked the part too.
as i prepared to head out, i notice how excited i got when i got when i was thinking of grabbing a cup of coffee.
has starbucks really taken a hold of our everyday lives? not starbucks, but the main culprit here is caffeine, but to me it's a miracle drug, it revives my soul and brings me back from the deep slumber in my brain.

i curse you caffeine! what would life be without you?

do you rely on coffee or tea to keep yourself all charged up and going for the day?

okay back to sipping my iced latte...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


i shave my pubic hair...
now you may be wondering why a virgin would have a reason to shave down there and my answer would be that i simply enjoy the freedom down there. not to mention it makes my junk look larger ;]

it all started when i was in college, it was a hot summer day and it was really humid and sticky all around so i went for a shower. whilst in the middle of the shower i was shaving, that's when my curiosity kicked in; i asked myself "what would it feel like to shave down there? i bet it is a liberating feeling! alright, let's do this." and the rest is history.

looking back the first time i shaved, i was really afraid that i would nick and cut myself. i kind of did but it was very minor...i was armed with my gillete mach 3 razor and shaving gel, it worked wonders and when i came out of the shower i was baby smooth.

i have experimented with trimming as well but shaving it is so much simpler and gives it a unique feeling.

so i ask unto you, do you shave? what are your thoughts and feelings on people who shave? do you prefer your pubic hair shaved, trimmed or natural? how do you prefer your partner?

be back later, i need a cut...a haircut that is.

nyc virgin out!

up late, can't sleep

can't sleep, it's 2:49 am and i feel physically tired but my brain is running at 100 mph. there seems to be a lot on my mind, do i need the aid of a sleeping pill?
doesn't seem like a viable option at this hour, i could just surf the web until my eyelids go heavy?.

it's been a wonderful weekend thus far, a lot of plans tomorrow so i suppose i should try to get some shut eye.

damn i am horny too, no wet dreams please! no wet dreams....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th 2001...

I remember that very day, it was 9 years ago but I shall never forget what had happened.
We remember and shall never forget...

no nice comments...

to the wise guy who chose to spam my comments about castration, it is not appreciated.
while i promote free speech, haven't you heard of the term "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"

i appreciate people who speak their mind but really, we can be mature about this.
in any case, thanks for your comments.

just got back from fashion night out...tired...going to pass out.

goodnight/good morning

Friday, September 10, 2010

tenga? tango?

my curiosity has gotten the best of me, after researching the fleshlight i came to another product.

the tenga brand fliphole fliplite sex toy masturbator
it sure looks interesting enough, not as conventional looking as the fleshlight and about a third to a half of the size smaller.
not only does it look more inconspicuous but i believe you can hide it easier in plain view if need be.

personally i haven't tried either sex toy, i would imagine it to be quite pleasurable but not the real thing.

tenga brand sure has a unique and original look to it.

if you are interested in reading more about tenga brands, check out: (Main website)

hey look, they even have a wikipedia page:

what do you guys think? fleshlight or tenga?
what brands do you females go for?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

craigslist is interesting and fail

i had a few more hits over the past few days off craigslist.

one was from a couple, i wasn't sure how to approach this one so i politely declined them.

the second was from yet another gay guy, i don't know what they see in me but yeah i am not going that route. thanks anyways.

third seemed legitimate to me until it occurred to me that he/she may have been a picture collector so i just left it at that.

well i guess this is why craigslist is not the ideal place to find someone to lose your virginity to. it is still interesting to see replies from people...if i had the time i could do a study on this.

any of you out there try craigslist and have success?
let's hear them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i am very horny right now.
i wonder what makes us men horny a majority of the day?
how often do women feel horny? do they think of sex as much as we do?
masturbation helps to an extent.

what do you do to take your mind of the edge of being horny?
should i find a hobby? if so, what should it be?
doesn't help that the weather has still been pretty warm lately...skimpy outfits galore i see outside.

this is the plight of being a virgin.

thank you

i want to personally thank everyone who has commented and followed my blog, it means a lot to see that my thoughts and words are getting circulated out there.

i look forward to keeping everyone entertained with my daily blog, please stay tuned for more debauchery from yours truly,

- nyc virgin

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the virginity hit

i don't know if you have heard of a new movie coming out on september 10th called "the virginity hit."

seems quite interesting if not albeit another dumb teenage melodrama. but the premise of the story is that you have a virgin and his best friend filming his life and his exploits up until his deed...

they call it a mix of american pie and superbad...i don't know what to expect from this movie, maybe i can relate to some points but it looks to carry on in the fond tradition of making fun of us virgins. if it is indeed funny i can laugh at myself and identify myself through the main character. i look forward to it, no matter how bad it looks. =)

for more information check:

-ciao, i leave you with the movie's red band trailer


Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day

a happy labor day to everyone!

hope you all have a pleasant day! =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

goodbye summer, hello fall

summer has been great but i really am going to enjoy the fall weather, it is already turning out to be a great weekend...well i have a bbq to attend tonight, i guess this will be the last bbq of the season. i will be sure to eat my fair share. ;-)

speaking of which, fall season, sure the ladies dress more conservatively in this season but if i must say they look spectacular doing so. what is it with new york being the fashion capital of the world, we dress sharp and look to impress.

had to masturbate this morning, woke up with some morning wood.
boy this was a random post.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

hurricane what?

it has been a gorgeous day thus far and i believe this labor day weekend will top us off on the amazing weather we have been experiencing. i enjoyed the u.s. open very much even though i may have inexplicably shown my bulge through my pants to an unknowing audience in a young woman sitting next to me.
i had a good day today, oddly enough i didn't feel really horny...may have been due to the fact that i kept myself preoccupied with errands and stuff to do today.

i applaud all the beautiful women who dress to flaunt their bodies to us men, we really enjoy the view.

lately i have been thinking about a special person, i really hope to get to know her better, although we live in opposite coasts i would like for a chance to meet with her one day. ;-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

u.s. open

trying my hand at mobile blogging at the moment.
i am out enjoying some action at the u.s. open.
the weather isn't the greatest but the tennis sure makes up for it.

while watching a particular woman's match, i unexpectedly got a boner. (actually it's not odd that i had one, damn tennis outfits)
it was a bit embarrassing as i believe the girl sitting next to me noticed.
she kept staring at me but i thought nothing of it.

more to come later on tonight...more tennis for me!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hot day, hot week!

it's been a hot and humid week here in new york...forecast says we will get to experience the effects of hurricane earl by the weekend. that is a welcoming thought, we need some rain to cool this bitch down.

one remarkable phenomenon of having such hot weather is that women dress in skimpy outfits and flaunt their bodies around for all of us to look at.
while this is nice, it hurts a guy like drives me to be even hornier than i already am.

someone save me!

i need some water. and a/c.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


masturbation, does it ever become old? boring? routine?

these are the things that run through my mind everyday.

do you use the aid of toys, porn, vibrators, and etc. when you masturbate?
how often do you do so?

lately i have become interested in trying out a fleshlight...yeah it's a cheesy looking toy.
for those who do not know what a fleshlight it, its a fake vagina toy stuffed inside a plastic tube in the shape of a flashlight. for more info check

it certainly looks interesting, does it work well? how does it compare to the real thing, i am sure nothing does.

just wondering if i should give it a go.
what do you think?