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Thursday, September 16, 2010


what makes a person promiscuous?
is it the enjoyment of having sex with multiple countless partners?

what do we call these men and women who like to sleep around? sluts, manwhores, wench, harlots, floozy, prostitutes, tramp, loose, bimbo, hussy and etc.

do you notice a common trend? all these derogatory terms are geared towards women...why is there such a double standard when it comes to women wanting to sleep around? i am sure men who sleep around get congratulated by buddies alike when they share stories of their sexual adventures.

how many of you ladies have slept around and felt too embarrassed and shy to share your stories? i know that there are such women around and if they come forth i am sure they would be welcomed with open arms amongst others who share the same plight.

i think sexual freedom has it's benefits, people can be free to sleep around with one another without the constraints of being labeled with those terms mentioned above.
of course nowadays you have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and such, but what a day it would be if we could just act on our promiscuity.

just something to think about while you go about your day.

-nyc virgin


  1. Like a wise man once said, "If a key opens many locks, its a master key. if a lock is opened by many keys, its a shitty lock"

  2. Promiscuity is just a nice way to say slut.

  3. I was very promiscuous at a point in my life where there was some crazy shit going down. Sex can be addictive, in fact anything that triggers the reward response in your brain can be addictive.

    Women are no more promiscuous than men. This is true. But men are more quiet about it and usually only use sex to just get off. The real reason why our culture treats women like sluts if they are sexually loose, is because women are more apt to use their sexual advantage over men to their gain. Either for money or something not really tangible like fame.

    How many gold-digging men have you met?