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Friday, September 24, 2010

random thoughts...

i have noticed that i have a stretch mark in my inner thigh area...while it is not really that big or noticeable, it bothers me some.
have i gained some weight or fat? hmm maybe i am exercising too much, why is my skin not as elastic as it used to be?

ooh i saw an ad for some pizza on my blog, makes me crave some pizza now.
nothing beats new york styled pizza, am i right?

damn it getting really hot and humid out, time to turn on the a/c once again.

the san gennaro feast in little italy is coming to an end soon, i have to go and check it out. hope there are some goodies there to try out.

what a boring day, my randomness is distracting me from writing my paper...something that i should be working hard on now. but a break is welcome.

maybe a masturbation session is in order to clear my mind.

so many things to do with so little time.

damn i am hungry too!


  1. dude i have a few on both inner thighs, and i've never been more than 150lbs It could be from growing that part of your body too quickly