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Monday, September 13, 2010

rude awakening

it was a rude awakening indeed this morning, woke up with a sore back and a killer headache. these late nights are taking it's toll on my body.

i went to the mirror and it was not a pretty sight, not only did i feel like crap but i looked the part too.
as i prepared to head out, i notice how excited i got when i got when i was thinking of grabbing a cup of coffee.
has starbucks really taken a hold of our everyday lives? not starbucks, but the main culprit here is caffeine, but to me it's a miracle drug, it revives my soul and brings me back from the deep slumber in my brain.

i curse you caffeine! what would life be without you?

do you rely on coffee or tea to keep yourself all charged up and going for the day?

okay back to sipping my iced latte...


  1. You haven't been to Italy. They have statues of espresso cups over there.

    2 daily espressos for teh lulz

  2. hahah very interesting blog, thanks for sharing

  3. redbull does it for me, a can a day keeps the sleep away!

  4. Took me a while, but I moved off of caffeine a while back for health reasons. Replaced it with some supplements and breakfast. Results.. less headaches and more energy.

  5. I drink black coffee constantly thru the day. As long as you drink a lot of water to counter-act caffeine's diuretic effects, it's long term effects on your health are mild. Coffee is AMAZING! If you are feeling less energetic or are getting headaches because of coffee, it means you were dehydrated.