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Monday, September 20, 2010

back from short hiatus

it's monday afternoon and i finally have some time to settle down and write an entry.
i apologize to my readers for missing my entries on saturday and sunday.

well here goes, my life has been getting pretty busy lately.
school work is picking up and i have so many things on my plate that i barely have anytime to take a break and relax.
i will try to keep my daily blogs going but don't be surprised if i miss a few days here and there.

anywho, i want to continually thank all the people who support and read my blog, it is a great honor of mine to share my life with you. i hope you enjoy my stories to come and i look forward to sharing more about my life with you.

with that said, i have been thinking lately how is it that i am still a virgin.
i would have to say that i am a great catch, if i am dating anyone i am loyal, i have a decent body and i look attractive enough. maybe it's my personality?
but i would have to say that i can be one of the most caring and thoughtful people out there. who knows, maybe it is my fate to remain a virgin for a while longer...something of which i have grown accustomed to.
i really hope everyone is enjoying their september, the weather has been amazing here aside from that tornado that hit us last week on thursday.

i will leave you with a few words of wisdom by our late president FDR:
"it is common sense to take a method and try it. if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. but above all, try something."

carpe diem!

-nyc virgin

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