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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

masturbation part deux

it seems as if i can't get enough of masturbation, could you blame me though?
it definitely sucks to have never experienced sex before, on top of that, why am i always horny? i mean at certain times i can channel my mind and concentrate on other more important things in life.

but really when i have nothing to do and sit there idly, i think of sex and masturbation, the feeling i get when i cum is sublime and nothing will top that until i feel the carnal knowledge of a woman's touch.

i have been thinking, is masturbation bad for you? can it be a harm to your health?
my answer would likely be, no.

but yeah my curiosity brought me over to google this question. i found many websites saying that there is no scientific research backing masturbation and it's adverse effects...i'd tend to agree with that.

but out there was this one website that was obviously written by some pro-abstinence church going crazy idealist. i will link you guys to the website in a short moment.
but really you have got to check this website out, what they say and claim is absolutely take a look and have a chuckle or two.


read and enjoy the bullshit they spew from their asses. ;p