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Friday, November 19, 2010

horny and sick

i am really horny right now...and super sick as well. =/

not really feeling good so sorry, no post today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


went running late last night...bad idea.

the combination of lack of sleep, the cold, fatigue and 15 miles did me in.

i am really in pain now...back, neck, legs are sore. i have a cold and am burning up.
on top of that i can't sleep because of how much physical pain i am in. =/

let's see if masturbating will help...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

gusty or is it gutsy?

another beautiful day here in new york city, but it's pretty damn gusty out.

just this morning i was approached by a good looking young lady asking for directions. i gave her the directions and proceeded to have a brief conversation with her while walking in the same general direction. she ended up giving me her number, which really took me by surprise.

well i told her that i would give her a call, but who knows if she would run for the hills if i told her about my situation?

anyway, it's time to man up and test my gutsiness.

more to come later...

-nyc virgin

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

open letter to the ladies of new york

to the ladies of new york: i love you!

you dress well.
smell good.
have fabulous hair.
and know how to flaunt it in public.

damn why am i such a sucker for teases.
there is nothing sexier than a confident woman who knows that she is hot but carries herself like any other plain jane on this planet. i love it when they are so down to earth and easy going.

on the other hand we have the uber uptight frigid bitches or was it witches?
the few who roam the streets of nyc can be seen playing with our fragile emotions bending and molding us guys into scared little sheep. your pussy does not grant you the power of control over us.

i can't say much as i have never been in such a position. but yeah i know you guys can relate.

ladies, don't feel afraid to approach us alternative looking guys. we all know that people are superficial and look for the model looks and such but really if you took your time and got to know the other type of guys, you'd be opening doors for us less unfortunate guys. at the very least you'd make us happy by having a short conversation with us.

flattery knows no bounds. ;]

p.s. yeah this entry was all over the place, i probably could have delved into more detail. but yeah, i am tired and not in the mood. what a crappy gray tuesday...

Monday, November 15, 2010

i just want to go to bed

it's monday, i am tired.
does anyone have the case of the mondays? [office space reference ;]]

yeah what i would love to do is go home and hop right back into my bed.
i feel sleep deprived and could use a nice vacation, but my schedule does not allot me anytime for such luxuries.

so nothing is new on my sexual journey...although i did have a fun phone sex session over the weekend. i sure came real good. =)
anyways back to my work and off to bed with me when i get home, perhaps i will squeeze in a masturbation session before bed too.

fuck, i'm horny!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010


cyber-sex is defined as computer sex, internet sex, net sex, mud sex, tiny sex and, colloquially, cybering, is a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. it is a form of sexual role play in which the participants pretend they are having actual sex. (thank you wikipedia for the brief but in depth explanation of what cyber sex is)

have you ever engaged in cyber sex?

i have in the past and let me tell you, there is nothing better than getting blue balls over the internet. sharing a session with a person who you purportedly believe to be a woman and sharing dirty details about the carnal act of sex. what can be better? you don't have to tell me...i know.

but yeah we have to make do with what we have and what is being offered at the moment. so yes these cybering sessions do tend to get hot and heavy...and with the aid of porn; it can do wonders. it often leads to masturbation which brings the immediate release of sexual tension between the two partners. but what if your partner is still raging for more from you? you have cooled but your partner is egging you on for more?
do you try to muster up some stamina and strength to continue your endeavors or do you simply say: "goodbye! thanks for the session, i came buckets!" (who uses "i came buckets?" is that even possible?) ;]

there is no etiquette to cyber sex per se, however would you feel the need to satisfy your partner as he/she may have done for you? if i had plans and need to get some place, i politely thank them for a great session and then go on my way, because i got mine. if i had time to linger around, i would try to continue on and try to get my partner off. simple as that.

so the next time you start a cybering session, these are a few things you can ponder on during your session, if you aren't too busy getting off.

happy friday everyone!

-nyc virgin

Thursday, November 11, 2010

craiglist part deux

pertaining to my curious nature, i figured i would write a few craigslist posts out there and see what type of responses i would get.

results were lackluster...but nonetheless there was some interest from some people.

the largest amount of replies came from spam bots. i must have received over 80 emails from ridiculous sounding spam bombers.

the few who were interested were all couples...go figure.
yeah, i don't know what is wrong with couples being interested in virgins. but it is quite the phenomenon.

i have come to the final conclusion that craigslist is one of the most useless forums to venture into if you want to hook up with a single female.

with that said, it was only a test and to poke my curiosity. i am pretty sure not much would have come from any correspondences from craigslist.

anyway...stay tuned for more...we may have a guest blogger in the coming weeks.

but yeah craigslist, you are good for finding crappy jobs, trading old appliances/electronics, purchasing both legitimate and non legitimate tickets for events, and the typical bullshit you will find in everyday life. but for dating and casual sex? boy you do suck! =)

peace out.

-nyc virgin

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


why do celebrities take nude pictures of themselves only to have them stolen and exposed to the public?

i suppose the rational answer would be that they are like any other person. we are all human after all. they take pictures to satisfy their significant others or their own egos. it's funny when the pictures get leaked, they give guys like me a chance to see what celebrity bodies should look like, while most are appealing there are a few who should not be shown out there...(looking at you courtney love, kanye, etc...)

and yes some have no shame, they leak sex tapes and nudes to gain publicity and promote upcoming projects, movies and whatnot.

there are also a few cases where people have become famous only to have their past bite them on the butt. need i remind you of what angelina jolie has done in the past? anyways celebrities are just like any other human being...they just so happen to have more money and assets than the average joe out there.

so while i can say that we should leave them be and let them live a normal life...screw them! they deserve all the attention and annoyances they receive from the paparazzi and the general public.

anyways, it's another slow week...i need to masturbate right now.

i shall provide you with some masturbatory material (kat dennings, ladies and gentleman; c'mon ladies i know you would want a piece of this too) thanks goes to my friend who sent me the link late last night. ;]

-nyc virgin

p.s. as always i enjoy any emails from my readers so don't be shy and keep those emails coming. =)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

brand new day

it's brand new day and i will try to keep myself busy enough to forget that i am alone.

while the weather hasn't been nice lately, i have been trying to go out as much as possible to keep myself preoccupied. with the inclusion of the daylight savings time, we got an extra hour for fun, sleep, work, or whatever you need to do...etc.

what can i expect during this month of november?

i will try to go on some dates...i need to be proactive!
who knows what will come of these dates.
i just want to get out there and enjoy life.

i have to get my school work and work schedule in check, so that i don't lose track of what's most important.

i will try to work myself harder and push myself even more than i have in the past.
good things do not come to those who wait, you have to go out there and grab it with your own hands.

i know lately i have been sounding pretty depressed or sad, but i promise that i will try to be as positive as possible because i have so much support from the people around my life. i just want to be happy as anyone can be.

wish me luck on this journey.

but really, i need to get laid!

Monday, November 8, 2010


it's been a pretty cold day and all i can think about is sharing some covers with a warm body. i wish i had a female friend i could cuddle/snuggle with in this cool weather. it would be so awesome if i had someone to share my time with.

yeah, i have to admit; i have been a bit down and lonely lately.
sigh, masturbation works to an extent but i bet it is nothing compared to a real woman...which is something i really strive for.

i have great friends and an awesome family, but can they understand the plight of a virgin?

got to get my head out of the gutter and start looking positive!

on another note, did anyone check out the nyc marathon yesterday?
awesome stuff, made me go out for a 6 mile run yesterday...trying to up my miles as the weather gets worse. nothing better than running in the extreme cold.

but yeah, i am me and entertain me! =)

-nyc virgin

Friday, November 5, 2010

a brief history of jacking off

something i found very interesting.
i was going to dedicate an entry to the history of masturbation but while doing my research i came across this blog. very insightful stuff!

A Brief History Of Jacking Off

visit the blog for some good info.

cam4 is a new favorite website for me. ;]

Thursday, November 4, 2010

fuck the rain!

i don't know...i am not feeling too well today. it must be the weather, let's blame it on the rain!
i feel rather impatient and testy today...i have no idea why but yeah to say the least i am in a fucking bad mood right now.

yes i have issues with people going about their leisurely strolls with their oversize umbrellas clogging up half the damn sidewalks. yes i want you to move the fuck out of my way when i am clearly rushing to get somewhere. god, i don't know what's wrong with me but i feel like crap.

i am in need of some serious rest and relaxation. i feel a bit burnt out. i don't want people to think that i am bi-polar because i am as far as being bi-polar than i am depressed. while i try to have a positive outlook on life and things in general, i feel like crap.

so please excuse my mini rant here.

i think i will go home and masturbate then sleep my worries away!

damn i am fucking horny...i need sex, i crave it, and i am growing impatient with myself. =(

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

double takes

hmm... lately i have been experiencing a phenomenon.

yes, you may wonder what this phenomenon is and i will aim to please by letting you know just what it is.

i have been getting many looks and double takes from members of the opposite sex.
i wonder why though? could it be my new hair cut from a few weeks ago? am i dressing myself any nicer than i usually do? it kind of baffles me at times. it's not that i mind the extra attention but really am i appealing to women?

what if they knew i was a virgin? would that change anything? would they just look elsewhere if they knew? i can be shy and opportunities for me are far and few between.

what if i used these chances to strike up a conversation? i guess i will never know unless i try. yes, trying is something else i have a problem with. i don't believe i have enough courage to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman on the streets. i mean who does that? would i come off as pathetic? unique? or maybe even desperate?

anyways, maybe the next look or double take i get, i will try and chat it up.
who wants to be my victim/ guinea pig? ;]

-nyc virgin

p.s. thanks for the emails people...keep them coming! =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


just voted.

hope you all got out there to vote today.

that is all.

it's only tuesday?

could this week go by any slower?
it's cold and i want my warmth back. maybe someone would like to keep warm with me ;]

went to eataly last night to dine at manzo, decent food for us meat lovers.
if you haven't check this place out, it's a giant italian marketplace. think whole foods with restaurants. (there's a slight homage to our american food courts)
for more information check this website:

so i have contacted both fleshlight and tenga representatives about their products to no avail. i suppose i will write them again and see what's up with them. i am still curious and wondering what their products are like. more to come about this once i receive correspondence from them.

what a boring day, in class now... zzzzzzz

Monday, November 1, 2010


good afternoon everyone!
hope you all had yourself a pleasant halloween. now that we are done with our sugar induced comas and dress up play; it's november!

can you believe it? it's freaking november, not just a few days ago we were still hitting the 70s in temperature. today? a meager 48-50 degrees outdoors. talk about brisk. but yeah time sure does move fast.
before we know it we will be gearing up for our turkey dinners over thanksgiving.
ah, gotta love that tryptophan. ;]

checked out the halloween parade last night in the village, it was crowded, cold, and uneventful. you've been to one? you've been to them all. figured i would run home and catch the premiere of the walking dead on television. boy what a good premise and start to the series. for those who haven't checked it out yet, please head over to the amc channel website and see if you can find a episode to stream. i guarantee you will have a good time. =)

aside from my uneventful halloween, i have been keeping busy with my school work and work in general. i hope to update this blog as often as possible as i know there are some of you who like to get a daily fix of the virgin ;] i promise i will try to keep my updates daily but in the event i get too busy, i will just have to make it up by fielding a q & a session for any fans or curious observers. if you have any questions you would liked answered please feel free to email me at:

i look forward to all future correspondence with my readers.
thanks again and i am off to masturbate, need to cum!

-nyc virgin