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Sunday, September 12, 2010


i shave my pubic hair...
now you may be wondering why a virgin would have a reason to shave down there and my answer would be that i simply enjoy the freedom down there. not to mention it makes my junk look larger ;]

it all started when i was in college, it was a hot summer day and it was really humid and sticky all around so i went for a shower. whilst in the middle of the shower i was shaving, that's when my curiosity kicked in; i asked myself "what would it feel like to shave down there? i bet it is a liberating feeling! alright, let's do this." and the rest is history.

looking back the first time i shaved, i was really afraid that i would nick and cut myself. i kind of did but it was very minor...i was armed with my gillete mach 3 razor and shaving gel, it worked wonders and when i came out of the shower i was baby smooth.

i have experimented with trimming as well but shaving it is so much simpler and gives it a unique feeling.

so i ask unto you, do you shave? what are your thoughts and feelings on people who shave? do you prefer your pubic hair shaved, trimmed or natural? how do you prefer your partner?

be back later, i need a cut...a haircut that is.

nyc virgin out!


  1. this is uhh, interesting. showing support anyway

  2. I shave down there too!

  3. I shave down there once a month. It's hard for me to grow facial hair, so I just superglue the pubes to my face.
    Works pretty well.