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Thursday, September 9, 2010

craigslist is interesting and fail

i had a few more hits over the past few days off craigslist.

one was from a couple, i wasn't sure how to approach this one so i politely declined them.

the second was from yet another gay guy, i don't know what they see in me but yeah i am not going that route. thanks anyways.

third seemed legitimate to me until it occurred to me that he/she may have been a picture collector so i just left it at that.

well i guess this is why craigslist is not the ideal place to find someone to lose your virginity to. it is still interesting to see replies from people...if i had the time i could do a study on this.

any of you out there try craigslist and have success?
let's hear them.


  1. Never used it myself, but I worked at a hotel for many years. I knew several people that got successful hookups through there, some were rather nasty, but still it happened.

  2. interesting way to lose your virginity. But good luck man =)

  3. I don't think CL has worked for anybody...ever

  4. heard of a few gays meeting up in a park near me on CL. lol