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Monday, November 1, 2010


good afternoon everyone!
hope you all had yourself a pleasant halloween. now that we are done with our sugar induced comas and dress up play; it's november!

can you believe it? it's freaking november, not just a few days ago we were still hitting the 70s in temperature. today? a meager 48-50 degrees outdoors. talk about brisk. but yeah time sure does move fast.
before we know it we will be gearing up for our turkey dinners over thanksgiving.
ah, gotta love that tryptophan. ;]

checked out the halloween parade last night in the village, it was crowded, cold, and uneventful. you've been to one? you've been to them all. figured i would run home and catch the premiere of the walking dead on television. boy what a good premise and start to the series. for those who haven't checked it out yet, please head over to the amc channel website and see if you can find a episode to stream. i guarantee you will have a good time. =)

aside from my uneventful halloween, i have been keeping busy with my school work and work in general. i hope to update this blog as often as possible as i know there are some of you who like to get a daily fix of the virgin ;] i promise i will try to keep my updates daily but in the event i get too busy, i will just have to make it up by fielding a q & a session for any fans or curious observers. if you have any questions you would liked answered please feel free to email me at:

i look forward to all future correspondence with my readers.
thanks again and i am off to masturbate, need to cum!

-nyc virgin

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  1. weather change suuuuucks i want it to be warm again