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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


why do celebrities take nude pictures of themselves only to have them stolen and exposed to the public?

i suppose the rational answer would be that they are like any other person. we are all human after all. they take pictures to satisfy their significant others or their own egos. it's funny when the pictures get leaked, they give guys like me a chance to see what celebrity bodies should look like, while most are appealing there are a few who should not be shown out there...(looking at you courtney love, kanye, etc...)

and yes some have no shame, they leak sex tapes and nudes to gain publicity and promote upcoming projects, movies and whatnot.

there are also a few cases where people have become famous only to have their past bite them on the butt. need i remind you of what angelina jolie has done in the past? anyways celebrities are just like any other human being...they just so happen to have more money and assets than the average joe out there.

so while i can say that we should leave them be and let them live a normal life...screw them! they deserve all the attention and annoyances they receive from the paparazzi and the general public.

anyways, it's another slow week...i need to masturbate right now.

i shall provide you with some masturbatory material (kat dennings, ladies and gentleman; c'mon ladies i know you would want a piece of this too) thanks goes to my friend who sent me the link late last night. ;]

-nyc virgin

p.s. as always i enjoy any emails from my readers so don't be shy and keep those emails coming. =)

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