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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

open letter to the ladies of new york

to the ladies of new york: i love you!

you dress well.
smell good.
have fabulous hair.
and know how to flaunt it in public.

damn why am i such a sucker for teases.
there is nothing sexier than a confident woman who knows that she is hot but carries herself like any other plain jane on this planet. i love it when they are so down to earth and easy going.

on the other hand we have the uber uptight frigid bitches or was it witches?
the few who roam the streets of nyc can be seen playing with our fragile emotions bending and molding us guys into scared little sheep. your pussy does not grant you the power of control over us.

i can't say much as i have never been in such a position. but yeah i know you guys can relate.

ladies, don't feel afraid to approach us alternative looking guys. we all know that people are superficial and look for the model looks and such but really if you took your time and got to know the other type of guys, you'd be opening doors for us less unfortunate guys. at the very least you'd make us happy by having a short conversation with us.

flattery knows no bounds. ;]

p.s. yeah this entry was all over the place, i probably could have delved into more detail. but yeah, i am tired and not in the mood. what a crappy gray tuesday...

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