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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

double takes

hmm... lately i have been experiencing a phenomenon.

yes, you may wonder what this phenomenon is and i will aim to please by letting you know just what it is.

i have been getting many looks and double takes from members of the opposite sex.
i wonder why though? could it be my new hair cut from a few weeks ago? am i dressing myself any nicer than i usually do? it kind of baffles me at times. it's not that i mind the extra attention but really am i appealing to women?

what if they knew i was a virgin? would that change anything? would they just look elsewhere if they knew? i can be shy and opportunities for me are far and few between.

what if i used these chances to strike up a conversation? i guess i will never know unless i try. yes, trying is something else i have a problem with. i don't believe i have enough courage to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman on the streets. i mean who does that? would i come off as pathetic? unique? or maybe even desperate?

anyways, maybe the next look or double take i get, i will try and chat it up.
who wants to be my victim/ guinea pig? ;]

-nyc virgin

p.s. thanks for the emails people...keep them coming! =)

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