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Thursday, November 11, 2010

craiglist part deux

pertaining to my curious nature, i figured i would write a few craigslist posts out there and see what type of responses i would get.

results were lackluster...but nonetheless there was some interest from some people.

the largest amount of replies came from spam bots. i must have received over 80 emails from ridiculous sounding spam bombers.

the few who were interested were all couples...go figure.
yeah, i don't know what is wrong with couples being interested in virgins. but it is quite the phenomenon.

i have come to the final conclusion that craigslist is one of the most useless forums to venture into if you want to hook up with a single female.

with that said, it was only a test and to poke my curiosity. i am pretty sure not much would have come from any correspondences from craigslist.

anyway...stay tuned for more...we may have a guest blogger in the coming weeks.

but yeah craigslist, you are good for finding crappy jobs, trading old appliances/electronics, purchasing both legitimate and non legitimate tickets for events, and the typical bullshit you will find in everyday life. but for dating and casual sex? boy you do suck! =)

peace out.

-nyc virgin

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