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Thursday, November 4, 2010

fuck the rain!

i don't know...i am not feeling too well today. it must be the weather, let's blame it on the rain!
i feel rather impatient and testy today...i have no idea why but yeah to say the least i am in a fucking bad mood right now.

yes i have issues with people going about their leisurely strolls with their oversize umbrellas clogging up half the damn sidewalks. yes i want you to move the fuck out of my way when i am clearly rushing to get somewhere. god, i don't know what's wrong with me but i feel like crap.

i am in need of some serious rest and relaxation. i feel a bit burnt out. i don't want people to think that i am bi-polar because i am as far as being bi-polar than i am depressed. while i try to have a positive outlook on life and things in general, i feel like crap.

so please excuse my mini rant here.

i think i will go home and masturbate then sleep my worries away!

damn i am fucking horny...i need sex, i crave it, and i am growing impatient with myself. =(

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