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Friday, October 1, 2010

a wet one

another shitty wet day!

it's been raining all week long, aside from the beautiful day we had on wednesday...fall has officially arrived.

not only is it wet, it is fucking cold. i went outdoors with nothing but my v-neck tee and cargo shorts...bad idea.

while walking by lower manhattan i run across the set of a new movie set for release next year called violet & daisy. looks like crap, but i did happen to bump into a very cute alexis bledel, and attractive saoirse ronan.

i think i need to head home and jack off for a bit now.

as for the massage i have opted to test the waters of a massage with a happy ending, but i might just chicken out and pay more for a legit massage. ;]

fuck i am drenched and cold...


  1. i´m already sick, hope you aren´t.

  2. Im feeling a bit off Due to the weather, too..

    are you really a virgin?