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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i am sitting at home now, balancing a few activities:

drafting my fantasy basketball team
watching some mediocre movie on television
perusing a new website i found ( which will be listed below) ;]
emailing my professor a few questions i need answered for a paper i am writing.
texting a few friends about some plans later tonight.

you must be thinking "boy, does this guy know how to multitask." let me tell you it's easier than you think. you just have to be well coordinated and know how to prioritize.

anyways the website I mentioned is
great stuff there, you have girls cam whoring for tips and whatnot.
feel free to check it out if you can.

now who should i go for Kobe or D. Wade? contemplation!

-nyc virgin

P.S. after all this, you know it! masturbation time!

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