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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


oddities, what oddities am i speaking of?

lately i have been waking up with slight headaches and feeling really exhausted throughout the day. maybe i need to get to bed earlier.

i also hear this slight popping in my left ear throughout the day.
i think i should pay a visit to the doctor sometime soon but i am just so busy.
i might be able to make a weekend appointment.

other than that, a female friend of mine struck up a conversation about porn via exchange of emails. she was saying how much she enjoys watching gay porn, to listen to the ooohs and aaaaahs of men. she then posed a question to me, "if i have ever watched anything awkward or out of the ordinary?" to which i replied back to her that "there are plenty of kinky videos coming out of japan."

i will share a few links out there with you guys: (let me know if you guys find it interesting or not)

world's largest "orgy?" (not sure if this constitutes as a orgy but close enough i presume.
link to said "orgy"

i wouldn't really call it an orgy but more like 250 couples having sex in the same room. imagine what that warehouse would have smelled like after an event like that.

here is another video to put a smile on your face: (the famed helicopter position)
cracks me up all the time!

enjoy the vids and have a great day people!

-nyc virgin

p.s. i need a nap.

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