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Thursday, October 14, 2010

unlikely scenario.

back from a short hiatus, been pretty busy for the past two days with work and school.
so, i received a email from a fan, a couple actually...they offered to take my virginity.

not so sure i would want a guy to be there taking my virginity, let alone be present there while i lose my virginity to his girl.
what is it with men who get off in watching their women have sex with random strangers? does that make them voyeurs? but seriously if anyone is going to offer to help me, please let it just be a single woman. i don't think that I can handle any more than that.

but alas i am flattered and thank you for writing to me.
yep, i enjoy reading fan mail and if you send some my way i will make sure to reply back to you as soon as possible.

now, back to my studies!


  1. NYCVirgin- Would you get it on with a fan? I bet you're really cute.

  2. I just might, who is asking? Email me to talk some more. =)