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Thursday, October 21, 2010

an open letter to all the women out there who go for the dark, bad boy types.

women, i just can't seem to grasp what's on their minds.

while i have a good aptitude for reading people, i don't get why some women go for the bad guys. by bad guy i mean those asshole player types that don't give a shit about women. what makes them so attractive? and why do they come to us good guys when they get hurt by said bad guy...

i am tired of being a footstep for women, i may be kind and generous but don't mistake that for me being some you can take advantage of when the going gets tough. i am there to listen to you, talk with you and offer you comfort and yet you never learn from your mistakes. no matter how many times i may warn you of the bad guy you go back to him.

with that said i guess you will eventually figure it out and the multiple times you have been hurt will serve you well in coming back to reality.

this was just something i wanted to get off my chest. it was not directed towards anyone in particular, i am just sick of seeing beautiful, intelligent, attractive women going out with losers.
so ladies next time you contemplate going for the bad guy or going back to the guy who has hurt you the most, just think of the other guy...the guy who has been there for you all the time when you needed it. you need not look further, give the good guy a shot and you will be surprise what may come of it.

just my two cents here.

-nyc virgin

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