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Monday, October 18, 2010

start of the week

a nice day to start off the week.
weather is not bad, it's slightly cool outside, perfect weather!

had a busy weekend, went out to a few bars and even did some apple picking on sunday.

so, you know how my friends bet me 50 dollars to say to a random girl at a bar "you look like you give a good blowjob?" well they changed up the terms of the bet, they asked me to say this to at least 10 women to earn my money...i did and there were varying mixed results.

the results:

i got 5 phone numbers.

2 of them brushed me off and ignored me.

1 offered to show me her skills.

1 responded to me with a snide remark.

and 1 said she had a boyfriend.

these were some interesting results as i was not prepared to have much positive interactions with these ladies.

could it be that the line "you look like you give a good blowjob." is the ultimate icebreaker?

i would also have to account for the influence of alcohol being the social lubricant that it is.

was i charming? did i look presentable? appealing? what was it that gave me such a chance at receiving this much attention?

in the end i was 50 dollars richer with a few more contacts on my phone list.
it was a fun night indeed.

more to come later!

nyc virgin

p.s. i have 5 bags filled with apples in my fridge, anyone fancy making a apple pie with me? ;]

p.p.s. to the anonymous fan who asked "Would you get it on with a fan?" email me and we can chat. =)

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  1. lmao. That's awesome
    I have to try "rape or necrophilia, it's your choice"