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Friday, October 8, 2010

massage parlor...

remember when i said i needed a massage?
i finally ventured out to get can you guess what type of massage i got?

was it a legitimate massage by a licensed massage therapist or a seedy massage with a happy ending?

to answer in short it was the latter...a combination of work/school related stress, lack of sleep, coupled with myself being really horny brought me to a massage parlor in the lower manhattan area.

i will keep this massage parlor anonymous, but i should tell you that you'd be amaze what you can find out there on the internet.

well i did a little research and decided on a location, called ahead of time to schedule an appointment. up until an hour before the appointment i was feeling so nervous and ashamed of what i was about to do.

but as i got to the location, i found it to be quite relaxing and dare i say it? i enjoyed myself and had a good time.

the massage was just right and my back and kinks were all worked out...
when the hour of my massage was coming to and end my "therapist" asked me to turn around and grabbed a bottle of baby oil.
she oiled me up real well and went to was very soothing and relaxing and i sure left with a smile on my face.

hmm i sure hope i don't develop an addiction to this but i had an amazing time.

sigh...back to reality.


  1. Did you get the Happy ending or not?

  2. if you read the post carefully you will get your answer. ;]