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Sunday, September 25, 2011

my 100th post

wow didn't think i would make it this far, but i suppose it is better late than never.

i saw many beautiful women jogging at central park this morning, i wish i could muster up the courage to speak to one of them. it is then i think to myself that perhaps it is not the right forum to entertain such a notion, i am sure they don't want to be bothered when they are working out.

after my nice 6 mile run today, i came home, showered, and masturbated.
i had a nice hearty meal for lunch and took a nap.
all in all it was a pretty lazy sunday for me. i needed this today.

so with this post being my 100th, i figured i would share some more insight into my life. i am also fielding questions to anyone who would be interested in emailing me their inquiries.

if you haven't figured it out already, i am asian-american. i can be a pervert at times but who isn't? ;p
i love to masturbate, watch beautiful women walk in skimpy outfits during the summer seasons and i am a true testament to the saying that "nice guys finish last."

well if you have any questions for me, i look forward to seeing them in your emails.

have a good evening.

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