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Friday, January 7, 2011

aftermath of the holidays

i have been feeling quite sluggish lately and i can attribute it all to over eating over the holidays, literally everywhere i went there was an insane amount of food. i couldn't help but indulge and indulge, i surely was a glutton ;[

i have noticed myself becoming more doughy and round, my roommates remind me everyday of how loud i snore during my sleep (perhaps early onset of sleep apnea?) this weight gain totally has to go, therefore i am submitting myself through torture and going on a detox diet. i will eat less and healthier, that means no more indulging on hearty steak dinners, going to posh bistros, going on late night katz's deli runs...etc.

i have to do this for myself, i just feel so out of shape, the snow has prevented me from going running and i could only do some much calisthenics at home before i hit a plateau in the workout. i will try to throw in some interval training whenever needed, probably will take up a membership at the local y.

wish me luck. heart feels clogged up just talking about food.


  1. Doughy or not, I bet you're still cute...

  2. someone misses you :[