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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

luck is on my side...or was it just a coincidence?

oh hey there, guess what?

i won $150 via the mega millions lottery game from last night's drawing.
it's quite the shame that it wasn't the big jackpot, but suffice to say, a win is a win and i will take it.

and also thank you lost (the television show) those infamous numbers 4, 8, 15, and 42 really helped out.

so what to do with my new found fortune? i am going to blow it all on a steak dinner at peter luger steakhouse. yum! thinking about that steak and the thick cut of bacon makes my mouth water.

a big congratulations to the big winners of the 355 million dollar jackpot located in idaho and washington state. you lucky bastards.

i don't think i will be testing my luck anymore on the lottery, but who knows a large enough jackpot may entice me to forward $1 and try again.

did anyone win anything moderately large? i heard there were quite a few second place winners. (majority in new york state)

yeah as usual...i am quite horny...what to do, what to do? (you know the answer already ;])

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