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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

crazed new yorkers (mega millions)

the story of the day in new york is the mega millions jackpot which grew from 330+ million to a whopping 355 million all within a matter of minutes this morning.

while i do not believe in the lottery, i have to indulge my curiosity and purchase a ticket for $1. if it is meant to be i will win but if not no worries, just wasted 1 dollar. i have no doubt the jackpot will continue to rise into the early evening.

to all the people who played the mega millions today, good luck to you!

what could someone do with all that money? i think i will take a extended vacation touring the world.

random thought of the day: what would my blog be about if i were not a virgin?
would i even have a blog? ;]

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