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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello there...

The ill NYCVirgin handed me the reins for this time around and asked me to write a little something-something for his readers curious about his sexual virgin. As daunting of a challenge this is, I was happy to accept his offer and I am willing to share a part of my sexual history/adventures with you.

I’m a 24-year-old woman trying to live out my dream in New York City. Unlike the NYCV, I am not a virgin (I only lost my virginity this past May) but I am still new to the sex game, only doing the deed five times. I’m still shy, don’t feel 100% fantastic with my body and half of the time, don’t know what to do with a naked man standing in front of me. I didn’t lose my virginity in the wisest (or safest) of ways- I met a man off the internet and we hooked up in his gorgeous Cobble Hill apartment. But I have no regrets. I was ready, physically and mentally, to have sex and I’m glad that I did it.

I don’t know the percentage of you readers who are virgins (I know that you are out there!) but don’t worry, you will get laid. Whether you’re 16 or 46, it will happen eventually. Just have some faith and don’t be expecting sex to happen right around the corner. Take in to account this story: I used to have this bright red cardinal that hung out alone in the tree outside my apartment. I often wondered, in a city full of dull, average, forgettable birds, how will this unique one ever find another? The answer and the metaphor is: just be who you are. It didn’t seem to mind being alone, just ate the bugs it liked, hung out in the trees it liked, flew around and did whatever made it happy. A month later, another cardinal showed up, and the rest is history. They’re probably still banging right now. So, just live your life. That sexual someone will come along eventually. It's a little known fact- but they always do.

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