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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


well i hope you all had a great christmas.
i sure had a busy holiday, i feel like i may have gained a few pounds(to be honest, i have :[ it was a nonstop eating festival)
i haven't been sleeping well, not sure why as i have been totally spent and lack any energy during the day. i feel like if i truly go to bed and get a good night's sleep, i could probably sleep for 3 days straight.

to top things off this motherfucking blizzard!
it sure was fun driving with near no visibility with cars who shouldn't even be out in this weather. (please if you plan on driving in a blizzard, get a 4x4/awd capable vehicle)
the shoveling...self explanatory.

sure the aftermath of the holidays may be over, but wait we have new year's coming up...whoop dee doo.

any resolutions come to mind?

i shall share mine with you soon, for now back to work!

fuck, i am horny...still a virgin. :\

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