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Monday, August 23, 2010


hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself; i am the nyc virgin

coming up on my 25th birthday soon and still a virgin...tis' a shame i know.
i got the inspiration to write this blog from a fellow blogger miss imogene or a.k.a. the awesomeslut. (look her up)

this blog will be the detail of my daily life and sex life (of lackthereof)

hopefully this will soon change as i get out there in the real life and meet some nice young ladies.
i am by all means a gentleman, shy, reserved, and don't know what to do with my life just yet.

in grad school at this moment and enjoying every minute of it.

i hope i will receive many warm welcomes from my fellow bloggers, any comments, questions, and etc. will be welcomed.

i hope to share more with you in the foreseeable future.


p.s. before the grammar/spelling/punctuation police tear me apart, i have decided to leave my blog as is all lower case. thank you for understanding.


  1. Nice blog, wish you the best of luck with your sexual journey.

  2. aww, thank you...i will need all the luck i can get.