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Sunday, October 2, 2011

cl experiment

if any of you have been keeping up with my past endeavors with craigslist, i have had many interesting interactions with people throughout the year.

i decided to give it a try again and see what could come of me posting a few ads.

within 15 minutes of me posting 5 ads out, i was swarmed with spam mail.
i received a handful of emails from hookers/escorts asking for money.
there are however some diamonds in the rough, i made an acquaintance with a lovely young lady. we are just friends but who knows where things could go.

i believe i am a virgin because i lack the drive to get out there and meet women normally, does that make me antisocial? perhaps a tad.

i keep thinking that someone will just drop on my lap and ask for my virginity sometime soon, but it's wishful thinking at this point.

it's a cool sunday evening here in new york city...maybe i will go for a run.
i feel lonely...


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