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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

clear skies.

i feel like i should redeem myself and write a post with some know something worth reading? it's been some time since i have posted a lengthy update and i feel today would be best. perhaps i am feeling happier than i have recently or maybe this beautiful weather we are having is taking effect on my mood.

i have become so worn out and exhausted that i felt like collapsing this morning after my cup of coffee. i can attribute this to my lack of physical activity over the winter months. i recently signed up for the 5 borough bike tour as well, my only hope is that i can make through the demanding 42 mile trek. my cardiovascular health has gone down the drain, and i have only a month and a half to get back into respectable form.
curse you, northeast winters!

thankfully the weather has been turning around and i can finally partake in my daily runs and bike sessions. what more can i look forward to? perhaps women in skimpy outfits? that's always a plus.

this is my life as of late. will i remain the nice guy who is too shy to start initiate anything with a member of the opposite sex?

or should i turn against all my beliefs and morals and act like an ass? it seems to work well with the ladies. i have grown tired of being ignored just because women think they can take advantage of my kindness.

what else is there? i have made some friends with some very nice people over the course of writing this blog. i encourage anyone to write me, i get bored and lonely at times and it's those emails that make my day and bring a smile to my face.

i am thankful for my good friends that i have in my life.
here is to the up and up weather we will be experiencing quite soon. =)
can't say so much for my life, but i will take things in stride.

until next time.
-nyc virgin


  1. did u know May is national masturbation month? Lol