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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bite off more than you can chew

that idiom describes what i am going through right now.

i wish somehow i am on vacation somewhere tropical, i just want to relax and soothe my worries away.

that or win the lottery and retire for life. wishful thinking right?

anyways the promise of a warmer new york day has not been fulfilled; a bit chillier than what i would have expected today but what i am looking forward to is the 60 degree weather coming to us on friday.
can't wait for spring to come fast enough. the winter has been dull and grey. i wish there were more going on in my life. repetition can really drive people crazy, or is it cabin fever that i am experiencing?

can't wait for short skirts, slim tight fitting tops and all the good stuff to start showing.

today is the perfect day to let out a really big sigh... :\

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